“Stan is an outstanding colleague. His attention to detail and curious mind were a tremendous asset as our work and our team constantly evolved at Salesforce. Because of his versatility and history, Stan would be an excellent fit for a company that needs someone with strong, patient, and successful leadership qualities. We would love to have him back!”
TODD WILSON / Operations Director, Salesforce

“I have worked with Stan on many projects where he was the goto person for creative elements, front end coding, and SME on all things website and email related. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him. He has also led a developer team which has resulted in many successful projects. If you need someone who is reliable, detail oriented, knowledgeable, and can get the job done, Stan is your guy.”
MYRON LOWE / Solution Architect Director

“Getting to work with Stan was an all-around awesome learning experience for me as a budding product owner in the customer success/CX space. Together with our teams, Stan and I worked to iteratively deliver a series of brand new, scalable tools designed to reach small business customers needing timely, on-demand help and resources during their product onboarding and adoption journeys. As the liaison between creative and tech teams, he influenced important decision making from design to delivery, coordinating with solution architects, product owners, designers, A/V engineers, and copywriters across the board. In my personal experience, I found Stan to be very kind and easy to work with, detail-oriented, creative, strategic, and fun to learn from. He would be an excellent leader on any design or engineering team.”
KIM TRIVEDI / Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

“I worked with Stan as a part of the Customer Success Group within Salesforce while I was a UX/UI designer. Stan was an integral part of the team that modernized how we communicated with customers post-sale– taking simple emails and turning them into full scale, decision-tree journeys in less time. Stan is a master at web (and email marketing) development. He helped create a library of reusable code patterns to simplify the pipeline from brainstormed idea to published reality. Not only did that save time, but it also increased our leaders’ trust and confidence in what the customer would receive. I always appreciated his clear and concise communication, and his collaborative brainstorming as we worked to solve complex use cases.”
RACHAEL RAYMER / Senior Product Designer

“I had the incredible pleasure of working with Stan as our Development Team Lead at Salesforce. His exceptional leadership skills, technical knowledge, and commitment to excellence made him a valuable asset to our team. Stan effectively managed a team of distributed developers and ensured that all project deadlines were met on time and to the highest quality standards. His expertise in email development and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud allowed him to effectively mentor and guide junior developers, fostering a positive and productive work environment.”
ERIC QUINN / Solution Architect, Salesforce

“I hired Stan, freelance, to create 5 unique websites in 6 months for Pastry Smart, an organic bakery manufacturer. An invaluable resource for website design, integration, and operations, Stan combines a strong process method with creative design solutions, resulting in visually unique, focused product. Stan worked tirelessly to meet our ambitious startup deadlines, was clear and consistent in communication, and always made sure we were taken care of. Highly recommend!”
AMBER MOORE / Sourcing Manager, Pottery Barn

“I worked with Stan on two wildly different projects with totally different skill requirements – a new mobile game app and a visual identity and positioning assignment for a financial client. Stan nailed both. He’s hyper-organized, asks smart questions, keeps everybody on schedule, juggles competing agendas and always has solutions ready when something goes sideways. It was also nearly impossible to beat him to the office in the morning.”
MATT WALSH / Brand Strategist, Emotive Brands

“Stan was a pleasure to work with, and a huge asset to the email/product team at Lyft. Working with constant tight deadlines and rapidly shifting priorities, Stan always delivered top-quality design assets on time and on spec. With his support, we were able to level up our email design aesthetic without sacrificing speed whatsoever. Stan is a top notch creative professional.”
NICK ALLEN / Founder & CEO, Sunnyside

“Stan is a consummate technology professional. I worked very closely with Stan on maintaining and updating a very large, very diverse commerce-enabled website at Bio-Rad. Stan’s range of understanding of technology enabled me to write accurate schedules, statements of work, and estimates during the project initiation phase. Stan supported my team throughout the development and build cycles, and helped navigate a rather thorny QA process. His calm demeanor and attention to detail make him an asset to any project team.”
BRIAN HOWE / Regence Brand Marketing Manager, Cambia Health Solutions

“I worked with Stan in two capacities at Bio-Rad Laboratories: first while he was a freelance web designer/developer on the MarCom team that I led, and then second as a Web Content Manager for our entire group. In both roles, Stan proved to be a capable, reliable asset. As a web designer, Stan’s quick response and attention to detail allowed us to repeatedly meet our clients’ expectations and deadlines. As a Web Content Manager, he played a key role in our company’s “eVolution 2.0” web rollout. He was always well-informed and communicated well with colleagues and clients alike. One of the many things I appreciated about working with Stan was that I could always count on him to either have a solution, or be resourceful enough to know how to find the solution.”
IMELDA VILLA / HR Director, Hale Ku’ike

“Stan was a great help in the busy and ever-changing world of our email blast program. Stories and their content could change by the hour, but Stan kept track of every detail (not an easy task by any means), and that helped ensure the email blasts were accurate and easy to understand for our customers. In addition, he never failed to stay late when a campaign needed extra attention to get everything perfect. Stan is very dependable and dedicated and has a great work ethic. Any organization would be lucky to have him on board!”
ANNE MOY / Copy Editor, World Market

“Stan has proven analytical skills and has a niche for analyzing web marketing performance using a variety of industry standard tools and has the ability to make recommendations to marketing programs that has often resulted in an increase of revenue.”
GABRIEL KHOFRI / Lead Architect, US Bank

“As the Webmaster and Web Developer at AHF, Stan brought a tremendous amount of creativity and dedication to his work. His website design brought the organizations virtual image to a whole new level – and he beautifully captured and translated the mission of the organization. Stan was very successful in collaborating with a significant number of internal partners and departments – his professionalism, gracious personality and enthusiam really set him apart.”
MAGGIE MARTINEZ / Assistant Director, LA County Department of Human Resources

“I have worked with Stan off and on for close to 15 years. As the primary packaging and web designer for my independent label (WIN Records), Stan handled all of the designs, layouts and implementation for well over 20 of our album and CD releases. In addition, he was the webmaster/designer for the labels site and single handedly built it from the ground up. I have always felt lucky to have had such a creative, fair and trustworthy partner in my creative endeavors over the years. I cannot recommend Stan highly enough.”
DEVIN SARNO / Head of Video, Warner Brothers Music

“I worked with Stan on a number of projects in the last year at Bio-Rad. He was always incredibly well-prepared, extremely efficient and an excellent business partner. Its rare to work with someone who is so consistently reliable.”
ANDREW HECHT / Senior Business Analyst, McKesson

“I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Stan while working together at Bio-Rad Laboratories. Stan had a solid grasp of Internet technologies and web design and was always ready to collaborate to make sure that projects were delivered on time and of the highest standards. I often consulted with Stan to determine the best way to approach tough technical hurdles and he was always ready to deliver sound advice.”
JEFF NAGYSenior Project Manager, 

“Stan has a thorough understanding of the web production process – from front-end content and GUI, to the technical back-end infrastructure. At Bio-Rad, he demonstrated an ability to manage and communicate the expectations of colleagues, internal clients and our CMS development team. I appreciated his ability to deal with large and small issues in a timely, efficient and calm manner.”
KAREN MOSS / Web Designer & Developer, Bio-Rad

“The beauty of working with Stan is that not only do you get incredible creative execution but its delivered with spot on brand accuracy. Stan took the extra effort every email, newsletter or home page refresh to reach out to the buyers and planners to ensure that firstly, the correct product was chosen as a feature and secondly, that customers would have immediate access to that item. Cohesive color palettes to accompany seasonal offerings were always present and communicated a sense of place and taste. I enjoyed working with Stan immensely and highly recommend that other companies take advantage of such a talent.”
JOY WHITLOCK / Homebase Growth, Opendoor

“Stan’s designs are always clean and modern. He stays abreast of the latest advances but does not load his work down with unnecessary bells and whistles. Always eye-catching and never trite, his designs dont let cleverness get in the way of clarity. I highly recommend his work.”
ANDREW FAULKNER / Owner, New Orleans Spirits Competition

“Stan has been a tremendous asset not only to me as my right hand man but also to NapaStyle for his tireless efforts in managing and producing high quality creative content for the NapaStyle website.”
DARCIE ANAZLONE / VP of Marketing, NapaStyle

“Stan was a great person to work with. He is very focused and has a natural design talent. His attention to detail made all his projects execute flawlessly. Stans artistic talent along with his efficient working manner will contribute great success to any organization!”
JOSIE GIVOGRI / Marketing Assistant, NapaStyle