Pixelsize Me

October 16, 2012

Love the new outdoor campaign for the movie Wreck it Ralph – interactive photo booths on the facings of bus shelters that enable passers-by to create pixelated photo avatars of themselves and send it to an email address of their choosing. The SF Chronicle’s Peter Hartlaub gives an account of the experience in his column today.

Wreck it Ralph - graphic of file advertising campaign

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Exposed, Peeled and Burned

November 29, 2011

Ran into a silly YouTube popup ad today which got me thinking about the viability of intrusive advertising operating on the element of surprise.

YouTube screenshot of viral ad for The Thing

This YouTube popup is a crafty page reveal seamlessly designed to look like a YouTube video gone wild, accomplished with jQuery-enabled transparency controls that mount a fake video precisely over the regular video content area. When you hit the play button on the "video" it actually starts playing Flash-created content that often creates the illusion of moving imagery breaking out of the confines of the video area.  This common type of ad creative in metro news websites is now executed with a twist on YouTube.

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Southwest Air vs. Kevin Smith

April 16, 2010

The Kevin Smith Twitter / Southwest Airlines online catfight got crazy out of hand yesterday. If you missed it, you were probably A) in solitary confinement or jury duty for the last few days, or B) weren’t at all interested, and get a gold star for focusing on more important things in the world.

Southwest Airlines graphic

The story: Kevin Smith, a comedic director/character actor of large physical stature, was asked by a crew member of a Southwest Airlines route to leave the plane because he was too big to occupy a single seat on a full flight. Smith raised a ruckus on his Twitter account, and Southwest responded by doing damage control through their PR and social networks.

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